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What is Beautifill Body Sculpting?

Regardless of how committed you are to eating clean and maintaining a consistent workout routine, it can often be extremely difficult to attain the body shape you want without cosmetic help. Elan Med Spa & Clinic provides minimally invasive body sculpting, including Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and breast augmentation, while making use of advanced BeautiFill technology. Thanks to this technology, our team is able to eliminate fat cells from certain areas of your physique to shape your silhouette and help you attain your aesthetic wellness goals. Contact Dr. Darrel Pierce to arrange your body sculpting appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is body sculpting with BeautiFill done?
A: In one of our cozy, private treatment rooms, a member of our aesthetics team will target areas of concern with a precise laser. The laser melts down the fat so it can be suctioned and added to other regions of the body or face where you desire additional volume. Popular locations for enhancing volume include the buttocks, known as a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) or the breasts.

Q: Am I a candidate for body sculpting?
A: Great candidates for body sculpting with BeautiFill are women and men who have enough fat tissue to take away and reinject into the targeted regions, but who are within 10 – 20 pounds of their ideal weight. To understand if this solution is ideal for your needs, you will need to arrange an appointment with Dr. Pierce and our team.

Q: How long will my body sculpting results last?
A: With proper care, the results of your body contouring procedure will last for many years. To help maintain your results, you should maintain a healthy weight. Dramatic changes in your weight or pregnancy after your body contouring surgery can affect your results. Natural aging will continue, so you may eventually see loose skin develop. During your consultation, be sure to ask Dr. Pierce about tips that can help your results last longer!

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