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Facial Fat Transfer in Waxahachie, Frisco & Sulphur Springs

Skin Tightening Treatment for Face

What is Beautifill Facial Fat Transfer?

There are many procedures that can rejuvenate your facial contours, but facial fat grafting is growing in popularity since it provides natural-looking outcomes and long-lasting benefits. Volume loss in the tissues of the face is usually most noticeable in the eyes, cheeks, and jawline. Dr. Darrel Pierce can help you turn back the clock on these age-related changes with BeautiFill technology. BeautiFill takes excess fat from areas of your body and applies it to the needed parts of your face for beautiful results. This procedure is minimally invasive, using only a laser, a simple suction device inserted into the skin, and an injection to deliver the fat transfer. This makes it much less painful and risky than surgery. Visit us at Elan Med Spa & Clinic to learn more about how this simple, in-office procedure can give you the shape and volume you desire for your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I get a dermal filler or fat transfer?
A: Either a facial fat graft or an injectable wrinkle filler (like Restylane and Juvéderm) can correct the visibility of lines and wrinkles while also restoring volume. Although wrinkle fillers can give you great results, a fat graft to the face typically lasts longer and looks more natural. To help you decide how much fat you want to be added and where Dr. Pierce may suggest using dermal fillers. As soon as you’ve figured out what you want, Dr. Pierce will perform a fat graft on your face for long-lasting results.

Q: Can facial fat transfer be combined with another procedure?
A: Facial fat transfer may be performed with other treatments like body fat reduction or skin tightening. A facial fat transfer will help improve your face’s aesthetic balance, and other procedures may improve the tautness of your skin or the shape of your body. Talk to Dr. Pierce during your consultation about all your needs and wants so he can create a comprehensive plan to reach all of your aesthetic goals.

Q: How long does facial fat transfer take?
A: The length of time needed for your facial fat transfer will vary depending on the amount of fat being removed from unwanted body regions, plus the volume required to reach your goals. When we develop your plan during your consultation, Dr. Pierce will go over what you should expect, including how long it will take for liposuction, fat preparation, and grafting. Dr. Pierce takes his time carefully transferring even layers of fat with innovative techniques so your outcomes are beautiful and natural.

Q: Which areas of the face can be improved with facial fat transfer?
Facial fat transfer can be used in a number of locations to increase volume or reduce lines. A fat transfer is great for augmenting or enhancing the cheeks so that this area appears fuller and lifted without having to undergo surgery. Additionally, fat may also be used as a natural lip filler. You can also consider a fat transfer to fill the hollow or sunken areas under your eyes. Dr. Pierce will create your unique treatment plan to address one or more areas of your face based on your needs and aesthetic goals.

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