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Bodytite (Stomach & Body Tightening) in Waxahachie, Frisco & Sulphur Springs

Stomach Tightening Non Surgical Liposuction

What is BodyTite?

Most people have both loose skin and regions of excessive fat on their bodies that they’d love to fix without surgical liposuction or an invasive body lift. BodyTite is an innovative, minimally invasive liposuction procedure that tightens your skin with minimal recovery time. The radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) in BodyTite allows our Elan Med Spa and Clinic team to effectively help patients improve their body shape. BodyTite is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to safely eliminate fat and improve skin laxity without scars for fast results. Schedule an appointment at Elan Med Spa and Clinic to find out more about BodyTite along with other treatment options for fat removal and sagging skin.

What Can I Expect With BodyTite Treatment?

You’ll have to rest at home for 5 – 10 days following your BodyTite treatment at Elan Med Spa and Clinic. A compression garment needs to be worn over the treated areas to encourage healing while also maintaining your new contours. Some results may be visible instantly; however, your final results will not be apparent for 3 – 6 months when the inflammation and swelling are gone. While the fat that’s removed can’t grow back, the remaining fat cells may become bigger if you gain weight so it’s very important to keep a healthy, stable weight after your BodyTite treatment. Schedule an appointment in our office to learn more.

Gain a Slimmer and Tighter Appearance

Enjoy the benefits of skin tightening and body contouring in a single, simple BodyTite treatment at Elan Med Spa and Clinic. Minimize your downtime with advanced lipolysis to uncover your best body. Learn more about minimally invasive BodyTite treatments during your consultation with our highly skilled team. Speak to our office to schedule an appointment to get started down the road to a brighter future.

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